Welcome to the eXtro.media demo site

all our extensions for Joomla can be tested here, in the frontend as well as in the backend, just like on your own Joomla installation.

backend access:
username: demo
password: demo

On our demo site you can get more information about our Joomla extensions, and how our extensions can support you in your daily work with the Joomla CMS.

Some of our eXtensions include:

eXtro Gallery

allows to create galleries from image files stored in a directory. All thumbnails wil be rendered automatically. Check out this fantastic module here. The component version offers even better and easier usability, and more functions. This module has also been rated very high and belongs to the best galleries available for Joomla.



Demo Placeholder Pictures

(used for inserting demo images while developing a new site)

random 450px x 200px

random 200px x 200px

random 1024px x 768px

random 768px x 1024px

Demo Video Embeder

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