eXtro Responsive Gallery Module

Our eXtro Responsive Gallery creates a fully responsive gallery from images that are stored in a directory on your server. The module also creates optimized preview pictures, depending on your settings. This module enables you to create a gallery by only a few clicks.

This fantastic module is the optimal gallery function for your responsive website. You can purchase the eXtro Responsive Gallery. in our shop.

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Making the thumbnails circles is easy, configure your thumbnails as squares and add the following override to your CSS file:

#emgallery1 a img { border-radius: 100px; }
Replace the 1 in #emgallery1 by the number of your gallery. If you are displaying e.g. 3 galleries on a single page, the first has the numer 1, the second has the number 2, the third has the number 3 and so on. The value for the border-radius should be at least 0.5 * width of your thumbnails.

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